H. D, Kumarswamy

Now Running…The Karnataka Potboiler

Whether BJP is running Operation Lotus or not, a Damocles’ sword would always be handed on the head of Congress-JDS combine. How both the parties overcome this anti-climax will be the real spectacle.

Rahul Gandhi Rafale

Flogging a Dead ‘Rafale’ Horse: Rahul Gandhi Refuses to Mend Ways

The court’s verdict helped clear the air which was beyond doubt in the first place. All the experts and defence analysts had put their weight in favor of the Modi government. But, Congress and its coterie is not satisfied even after the apex court of the country outspoken in no unclear terms. It seems that the liberal camp is bent on creating confusion in the country to achieve their goals. Thankfully, people are not mislead by search tactics in this age of social media and free information. Therefore, Rahul crusade on Rafale will remain grounded and not take off as the liberal camp envisages.

Rahul Bravado Makes Good Show, But No Impact

The fact remains that Rahul’s bravado makes a good show and provides good copy to the paper, good footage to the channel and a lot of kilobytes for the digital media. But on ground, it does not make any impact at all.

Shiv Sena

Can Shiv Sena Go It Alone?

The Shiv Sena, the party sulking for last almost four years, has decided to field its two candidates for the Nashik and Raigad-Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg local authorities constituencies for the Maharashtra Legislative […]

Rahul Gandhi Siddaramaiah karnataka

Beyond Lingayat Hype, Something Else May Haunt Siddaramaiah

Even as political pundits are engaged in heated debate over what the possible impact of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s decision to accord separate status of religion to Lingayats in Karnataka would […]


No, Liberals Won’t Get Mersal Share of Pie

The Vijay-starrer Mersal is making well deserved waves at the box office and captivating the audiences. That would only enlighten his fans. However, this time his flick has hit headlines […]

फॉर सिक्रेट आयज ओन्ली…अन आपण

जगात काही कुठं खुट्ट वाजलं, की अमेरिकेच्या नावाने खडे फोडायचा हा आपल्याकडच्या “आंतरराष्ट्रीय तज्ज्ञां’चा आवडता छंद. त्यातही “सेंट्रल इंटेलिजन्स एजन्सी’ (सीआयए) म्हणजे टीकाकारांचे आवडते लक्ष्य. “सीआयएने’ही विविध निमित्ताने आपल्या टीकाकारांना […]

संयुक्त द्विभाषिक अमेरिका?

हा माझा दोन वर्षांपूर्वीचा लेख आहे. त्यावेळी ‘सकाळ’च्या ‘लक्षवेधी’ सदरात तो छापून आला होता. आता त्यात काही सुधारणा करायच्या आहेल. त्या मी करेनच. तोपर्यंत ही सेवा रुजू करून घ्यावी.अमेरिकन संस्कृतीचा […]