Pramod Sawant Goa CM

BJP Manages a Respite, But for How Long?

Thus, even if the BJP manages to install Sawant as CM, he will still face constant threat of being dismantled by opposition Congress and dissidents. Therefore, the drama will only get interesting in coming days.

नाकारों के नकारों पर सवार कांग्रेस

एक पूरी पार्टी की पार्टी एक ही परिवार पर निर्भर हो और जनाधार रखने वाले नेताओं का अकाल हो तो वास्तविकता को नकारनेवाले नेताओं की तूती तो बोलेगी ही। ऐसे नकारों पर सवार कांग्रेस की नैया डूबना तय है।

Sharad Pawar NCP

NCP’s List of Candidates Adds to Conundrum

These frequent somersaults from the veteran leader has left the observers gaping in awe as Pawar is known for political acumen and apt decision making.

Priyanka Gandhi Rahul Gandhi

Priyanka Slams Narendra Modi – An Honest Rendering of a Borrowed Script

It also becomes laughable when one looks at the pathetic condition her party is in. obviously, Priyanka must be worried about the situation of her party rather than the country because it is the former that is in predicament right now.

ayodhya Ram Temple SC

Ayodhya Verdict – Another Tactic to Delay the Inevitable?

In this scenario, even though this has raised the hope for a decision on the long pending case in a stipulated time frame, that possibility still remains a pipe dream because any fruitful from this mediation exercise is not guaranteed. So as of now, it seems that all this mediation thing is just a ploy for buying some time till elections are announced.

लाचार केजरीवाल और ठगे हुए समर्थक

दिल्ली में आगामी लोकसभा चुनावों के लिए कांग्रेस और आम आदमी पार्टी (आप) के बीच संभाव्य गठबंधन पर पूर्णविराम लग चुका है। दिल्ली प्रदेश कांग्रेस ने राज्य में सातों लोकसभा […]

Opposition parties meet in Delhi

After Pulwama : Sense and Sensibility of Politicians

In essence, this shows that all the responsible people in the country have sensed the seriousness of the incident and have behaved appropriately befitting their place and posts. So this operation was not reduced to a tamasha.

कर्नाटक कुमारस्वामी कांग्रेस

Kumaraswamy Trapped in His Own Karma

Statements like these only serve to show how certain his insecurity is. It is as if he was bidding time till the Lok Sabha elections in May after which the real fate of his government is determined.

Priyanka Gandhi’s Entry – Formal Acknowledgement of Rahul’s Failure

To revive the party from such a sunken state is a herculean task, but never mind, none will held her responsible even if she fails to achieve her goal. After all she has a blessed lineage!

H. D, Kumarswamy

Now Running…The Karnataka Potboiler

Whether BJP is running Operation Lotus or not, a Damocles’ sword would always be handed on the head of Congress-JDS combine. How both the parties overcome this anti-climax will be the real spectacle.