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Priyanka Slams Narendra Modi – An Honest Rendering of a Borrowed Script

It also becomes laughable when one looks at the pathetic condition her party is in. obviously, Priyanka must be worried about the situation of her party rather than the country because it is the former that is in predicament right now.

लाचार केजरीवाल और ठगे हुए समर्थक

दिल्ली में आगामी लोकसभा चुनावों के लिए कांग्रेस और आम आदमी पार्टी (आप) के बीच संभाव्य गठबंधन पर पूर्णविराम लग चुका है। दिल्ली प्रदेश कांग्रेस ने राज्य में सातों लोकसभा […]

Priyanka Gandhi’s Entry – Formal Acknowledgement of Rahul’s Failure

To revive the party from such a sunken state is a herculean task, but never mind, none will held her responsible even if she fails to achieve her goal. After all she has a blessed lineage!

Kapil Sibal EVM Hacking

EVM Hacking Drama – A Cheap Gimmick by Congress

It would be worthwhile it they spend their energies in building organization rather in indulging in cheap acts. If they do not stop and listen to conscience, they would probable require such flimsy excuses after defeat in ensuing elections.

Sheila Dikshit

Sheila Dikshit’s Selection Shows Lack of Choices

The appointment of Delhi former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit as Head of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee comes as a very disappointing decision. It shows that Congress leadership is bereft of choices and has to fall back on old guards.

Rahul Gandhi Rafale

Flogging a Dead ‘Rafale’ Horse: Rahul Gandhi Refuses to Mend Ways

The court’s verdict helped clear the air which was beyond doubt in the first place. All the experts and defence analysts had put their weight in favor of the Modi government. But, Congress and its coterie is not satisfied even after the apex court of the country outspoken in no unclear terms. It seems that the liberal camp is bent on creating confusion in the country to achieve their goals. Thankfully, people are not mislead by search tactics in this age of social media and free information. Therefore, Rahul crusade on Rafale will remain grounded and not take off as the liberal camp envisages.

Rahul Bravado Makes Good Show, But No Impact

The fact remains that Rahul’s bravado makes a good show and provides good copy to the paper, good footage to the channel and a lot of kilobytes for the digital media. But on ground, it does not make any impact at all.

राहुल गांधी नरेंद्र मोदी अविश्वास प्रस्ताव

नैया को डगमगा न देने की चुनौती

अविश्वास प्रस्ताव से पहले विरोधी खेमे में उत्साह की ऐसी बयार थी, कि मानो नरेंद्र मोदी और भाजपा का सफाया बस एक कदम दूरी पर है। सभी विरोधी दलों ने […]

कर्नाटक विरोधक

जोकर के हाथों में लोकतंत्र की लूट

कर्नाटक के नए मुख्यमंत्री के रूप में एच. डी. कुमारस्वामी जब शपथ ग्रहण कर रहे थे उस समय पूरे देश के सभी गैर-मोदी दलों के नेता वहां एकत्र हुए थे। […]

Rahul Gandhi Sharad Pawar

युवराज का इरादा, कर्नाटक का अड़ंगा

आखिर राहुल गांधी ने जता दिया, कि कांग्रेस को बहुमत मिलने पर प्रधानमंत्री बनने की उनकी तैयारी है। राजनीति में उतरने के बाद 14 वर्षों तक लूका-छिपी खेलने के बाद […]